June 26, 2015

Board of Supervisors

Board of Supervisors

Board of Supervisors Duties and Responsibilities:

The Board of Supervisors is responsible for the management of county government and a number of special districts. Citizens elect the five supervisors by district to serve four-year terms and there are no term limits. Board members serve residents in districts of different geographical size, but each district has approximately equal population.

The Board of Supervisors is delegated “full jurisdiction over [county] roads, ferries, and bridges, to be exercised in accordance with such regulations as the legislature may prescribe . . .” The identified responsibility is unquestionably a matter of vital importance to the life of every county. However, roads and bridges represent a small portion of the Board’s many concerns as supervisors are delegated a variety of other public duties that touch virtually every facet of life.

Similar to the Board of Directors of a major corporation, the Board of Supervisors has the task of guiding and establishing policy for a complex, multi-million dollar enterprise. Supervisors make decisions directly impacting economic development, public health, safety, and welfare. As such, supervisors are in a position of public trust that carries attendant duties and obligations.

The primary duties of the Board of Supervisors include:

  • Adopting an annual budget
  • Establishing the annual property tax rate
  • Setting policies, goals, and objectives to direct the county’s growth and development
  • Adopting and providing for ordinances, rules, and regulations as necessary for the general welfare of the county
  • Carrying out other responsibilities set forth by Mississippi State statutes

At the beginning of each year, the Board chooses from its members a president and vice president to serve during the following year. The president presides at Board meetings and signs documents in the name of the county. The vice president substitutes when the president is absent.

In addition, the Board of Supervisors is responsible for appointing members to a number of boards and commissions serving the county.

Board of Supervisors:

Wayne Stokes
District 1 Supervisor

Mike McGregor
District 2 Supervisor

Brad Ward
District 3 Supervisor

Ernie Wright
District 4 Supervisor

District 5 Supervisor

Board Attorney:

Phil Tutor
(662) 489-2415

Contact Information:

P.O. Box 209
34 S. Liberty St.
Pontotoc, MS 38863
Phone: (662) 489-3900
Fax: (662) 489-3940

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