July 1, 2015

Justice Court

Justice Court / Constables

Justice Court Matters:

  • Civil actions under $3,500
  • Criminal misdemeanor charges
  • Preliminary hearings in felony cases
  • Citations from the Mississippi Highway Patrol, Sheriff’s Department, Constables, Mississippi Department of Transportation, Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks, and Marine Resources

Constable Duties:

Constable keep and preserve the peace within their counties by aiding and assisting in executing the criminal laws of the State of Mississippi for the justice courts. Constables obey all lawful orders and execute all judgments for justice courts within their districts.

Justice Court Contact Information:

David A. Hall
Justice Court Judge (East)

Scottie Harrison
Justice Court Judge (West)

Kathy Robinson
Justice Court Clerk

29 E. Washington St.
Pontotoc, MS 38863
Phone: (662) 489-3920
Fax: (662) 489-2986

Constable Contact Information:

Tommy Corbin
Constable (East)

L.D. Gillespie
Constable (West)

29 E. Washington St.
Pontotoc, MS 38863
Phone: (662) 489-3921
Fax: (662) 489-2986

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